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We can help you to solve your data acquisition, process monitoring & control, motion control, image capture and machine vision problems with flexible software, first-class technical training, and full customer support.


We specialize in data acquisition, motion control, image capture, and machine vision, using National Instruments LabVIEW software. Vibration, strain and temperature monitoring are just a few of the things we do really well.


Our experience in the military, aerospace, nuclear, biomedical, communications, and automotive industries helps us to find the most cost effective and schedule aggressive solutions for control and monitoring applications. Ask us about our past efforts.


Our extensive background enhances our education and training capabilities to ensure that our customers can act independently and be in control of their own destiny with the strength of flexible software. We're experienced with "hands on" educational training.


LabVIEW software, PLC software, and hardware control, high speed hardware solutions, technical design support, technical and development management support ... we've been there and done that. Contact Us to help you do it right faster!


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